LED Seed Lights 30m Solar Warm White

LED Seed Lights 30m Solar Warm White

Product Code:LED Seed Lights 30m Solar Warm
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MGG warm white seed lights are for indoor and outdoor use. The wire and lights are waterproof but any of the mains power accessories like mains adapters or remote controls, if supplied, are not weather proof.

This listing is for a 30 metre length of 300 warm white LED seed lights which are solar powered.

We also have a mains powered version complete with a mains adapter and remote control.

The 50 metre string of 500 lights can be powered by a 12V DC battery directly connected. (This only applies to the 50 metre length) A remote control can be added for just $14.90 and this allows you to turn on/off, dim, fade and flash at different rates. There is also a mains power adapter available for the 50 metre version for $14.90.

The wire is a UV stable lacquer covered copper.