800 metre range Waterproof Dog Training Collar System for up to 3 dogs

800 metre range Waterproof Dog Training Collar System for up to 3 dogs

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The MGG DTC-800 is an excellent mid-range dog training system for small to medium dogs due to its easy operation and the fact that the collar is waterproof (for swimming) and re-chargeable. The remote is also re-chargeable and has a large LCD display.

As well as having the usual functions of sound, vibrate and static shock, this system has the added function of a 2 white LEDs on the collar/receiver that can be turned on and off remotely. A great option to have when out with your dog when it is dark.

The collar is of strong vinyl and is adjustable from 25om to a 64cm length.

MGG Remote Controlled Dog Training Collars are designed to assist in the training of your dog and to correct unwanted behaviour. They enable owners to control up to three dogs from a distance and most importantly, at the time it is happening. British researchers found that if a dog's misbehaviour is not corrected within a few seconds it is ineffective. Even a 30 second delay will result in your dog not being able to link the unwanted behaviour with the correction. MGG Remote Dog Training Collars enable you to communicate with your dog the instant the misbehaviour is occurring and the MGG DTC-8600 will operate up to 800 metres (line of sight)away.


1. Rechargeable remote transmitter and collar-receiver.
2. The collar-receiver is waterproof so your dog can go swimming with it on.
3. Easy to swap between three dogs by simply pushing the channel button
4. Four modes (static/vibration/sound/light) at your disposal.
5. 100 easily adjusted intensity levels of vibrations
6. 100 easily adjusted intensity levels of static shocks
7. LED torch on transmitter as well as remote controlled light on collar
8. Long 800 metre range.
9. Auto Power Save means the collar will go into standby mode when no signal received for 5 minutes. The transmitter goes into standby after 30 seconds.

This is a good quality, robust system priced at only $169.
Extra collars are $69.