Ultrasonic Facial Moisturizer / Diffuser

Ultrasonic Facial Moisturizer / Diffuser

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Easy to use:

Push down the switch, hold up to your face and then the tiniest moisture particles penetrate into the basal cell layer of the skin. One minute session is sufficient to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.

Use daily as part of your skin moisturizing routine. Each facial sauna time is 30 seconds as a cycle. It will help to prevent clogged pores and deeply clean your skin.


Build-in 500mAh rechargeable battery. You can do more than 100 times facial steaming after full charging (Each time is 30s as a cycle).

Portable design:

Designed as a mini size in your handbag or pocket. Enjoy facial sauna no matter where you are, at office, on flights, outdoor, at dressing room and so on.

Multiple function:

Removes Dirt, Oil, other impurities and Makeup; Melts away Dead Skin Cells; As Nano steam relaxes and softens your skin; deeply moisturizing to relieve fatigue;eyelash extensions.